Primary ( I to VII)

Academic Info

Primary education is most often referred  to as an elementary education. The main purpose of taking primary education in this school is that to give children a strong foundation in the basics of a general curriculum with an emphasis on reading and math. Children are like clay we need to mold them. Today the main aim of the schools are limited to only imparting education but our school sets a different benchmark in this aspect by focusing on wholesome development of students at primary level. Many trained teachers are needed today to provide children with decent education. Our school promotes the same. School imparts among children the practice of self-loving-kindness, compassion and gratitude towards them from a very early age. School is a humble and supportive education family where students discover and empower their strength before they step out into a challenging world. In order to keep our children motivated and inspired our maxim is
Don’t stress.
Do your best.
Forget the rest.
Regular School Timing
Monday - Friday : 12 : 10 PM to 5 :10PM

Academic Syllabus
No. Subject Marks Syllabus Document
E.V.S. 1 / Science
E.V.S 2 / Social Science
Computer  (Graded)
Drawing     (Graded)
100 Coming Soon